Live Stream Peace of Mind

For Artists and Performers



Artist Live Stream Helper was created to give artists and performers peace of mind that their live stream looks and sounds good before they go live. Whether you are a simple singer songwriter, a band, a DJ or any other type of performance art we offer 1 on 1 live stream consultations where we listen and watch as your audience would, and offer adjustments to your audio and video to enhance the experience for your audience come show time.




Pre Stream


35 Min - Run through a Pre Stream Checklist with an Expert. Great for those just looking for a quick second opinion that all systems are working properly.


Live Stream Evaluation

1 Hr - Run through our Full Sound and Visual Check to guarantee you'll look and sound your best. Best for those who may be new to their tech and could use some setup help.



The Live Engineer

Modern technology makes it possible for us to offer a live assistant for your live stream, where we can adjust levels and apply effects during your performance! Great for Ensembles. 

By Quote


"Jonathan is simply the best and a great human to work with too. When all live music went online, I stumbled on him and he was a lifesaver. He is super patient, willing to try different setups to get the best sound for vocals and guitar and find the right balance.  I used him for both Facebook and Zoom. I’ve called him in a pinch and he is super responsive. He is now my go to person."

Tami Mulcahy 

Artist at Tami Mulcahy,, South Bay House Concerts

"I am incredibly impressed and thankful for this service! It's such a relief to have someone to steer the more technical side of livestream performance so that the artist can focus entirely on their craft. The sound and video quality were better than I thought was possible with my equipment and my helper was super friendly, fast-working, and professional. Anyone who is considering this service should go ahead a do it!"

Nat Lefkoff

Artist at Nat Lefkoff